Case 4a. Another medial femoral condyle lesion

Case first posted Wed, Dec 11, 2002; by John Hunter.

From Jim Choi, University of Wisconsin (ie. the other “UW” )

I would like to contribute this case to supplement the case that is already on the website (Case 4: MFC lesion). The case I am submitting shows a nice full-thickness cartilage tear (arrows) of the posterior lateral femoral condyle, similar in location as the Eva’s MFC lesions.

My case corroborates her hypothesis of cartilage damage causing the marrow edema.

My study is an intra-articular gad study done on a 60 year old female with suspected meniscal re-tear.

Coronal MR Ax MR

Coronal and axial MR images post intra-articular Gd injection

Sag MRSag MR 2

Sagittal MR images post intra-articular Gd injection

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Michael Tuite, M.D. Mar 14, 2007 10:46 PM

I checked with our best knee arthroscopist Ben Graf (he’s the U. Wisconsin football team Orthopedist), and his message is below (he likes to call focal osteochondral injuries ‘OCD’ even in older people). I don’t have a good reason why they occur there either.

From Dr. Graf: I have been puzzled by this as well. I also have seen a few OCD’s in this area. Hard to believe there is any trauma involved.