Case 0. Buttock splints?

55 yo male who injured himself 4 years ago skiing. Complains of chronic right posterolateral “hip” pain worsening over the last year. Case referred by a chiropractor. Looks like chronic periosteal reaction on radiographs adjacent to ilium. Marked edema in gluteus minimus. I think there is also an avulsion of the indirect head of the rectus femoris. Anyone ever see anything like this? Any thoughts?

AP hip radiograph

T1 coronal 2

STIR coronal 1

STIR coronal 2

axial T2 1

axial T2 2

axial T2 3

axial T2 4

axial T2 5

axial T2 6

axial T2 7

PD coronal 1

PD coronal 2

PD coronal 3

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Michael Richardson, M.D. Apr 05, 2009 02:28 PM

Cool case, Tom! I haven’t seen an injury at this site. However, this patient’s findings are similar to those I’ve seen in some patients at the hamstring origin on ischial tuberosity.